The textured paste is an extra grain to get better texture formation in a project. It always offers more exaggerated textures and effects than the smooth pastes. Similar to the Posh Chalk Smooth Pastes, the textured pastes can be used for great stencils or even as a base coat to add great texture to your project.

3-D for your handicraft project. Create cool structures and collages with pattern stencils and the artist structure paste in three metallic effects and give your furniture, walls and pictures and handicraft projects even more shine and depth. You can use the creamy structure paste very well for stenciling or for other decoration ideas with glitter, decorative beads, letters. When applying, you should make sure that the layer thickness does not exceed 1cm to avoid cracking. The possible uses are almost unlimited, as substrates such as stretcher frames, wood, papier-mâché, MDF, terracotta, etc. are possible. The structure paste is a high-quality, water-based creamy paste with a beautiful metal effect that you apply with a spatula or painting knife. You can achieve clever effects if you use stencils when applying or work on the structure paste with a sponge or stamp. You can then incorporate small objects such as mosaic, beads, wire and the like. Please make sure that the layer thickness does not exceed 1 cm to avoid cracking. You can use the paste on stretcher frames, canvas, wood, papier-mâché, terracotta, etc. Clean the tools with water after use.

POSH SMOOTH METALLIC PASTE for inflation , comes in 15 metallic colors. You will need a pattern template and a heat gun. This is how you conjure up cool relief patterns on furniture and all smooth surfaces. Apply, blow dry, leave to cure for 6 hours. Here's a tutorial on how to do it.

Other areas of application are raised stencilling, for walls, scrapbooking, decorations and mixed media, but your own ideas are also welcome.

What is special about this structure paste to others?
1. First of all, you are free to choose whether you want to activate the 3D effect or not. A non-application looks great too. Then it stays with the normal pattern highlighting.

2. You want the breathtaking 3D effect? By applying heat with a hot air gun, the individual chambers of the stenciled surface unfold and inflate. The relief structure is reminiscent of textured wallpaper.

Note: Some hair dryers do not provide the power required to inflate the chambers. I therefore strongly advise you to use a heat gun. It is guaranteed that it will work.
3. There is also the option of gently flattening the inflated structure with a flat tool while it is warm and uncured. Then there is another possible structure.

A notice: Please let it dry and harden for at least 6 hours, otherwise you will destroy your work. Before you continue working, test the curing. The bloating of the structures only works with closed texture cells. It does not work on a smooth surface that is painted.

For which substrates suitable?
Wood, glass, furniture decoration and upcycling with stencils, metal, plastic, ceramics and leather.

What do I need to apply?
A decorative stencil (shop), foam applicator, brush, narrow craft knife, or plastic card (like credit card). Don't forget gloves and protect clothing, because the paste is oil-based and sticks.