Stamping is one of the top techniques that I enjoy the most. In the video I show you how easy it is to transfer great patterns, flowers, letters and decorative strips with an ink pad and transparent silicone stamps .

Due to its flexibility and transparency, curved objects, walls, backsplashes, steps, furniture, but also baked goods or textiles can be wonderfully stamped. Use either stamping ink (permanent or erasable), chalk paint, food coloring, or fabric paint.

Choose a stamp pad with your favorite color or fill an empty one yourself. A stamp plate is available as an aid Acrylic block to hold the stamp and the solid rubber roller . This does not absorb ink, which leads to a sharper stamp motif.

Tip: I generally recommend stamp ink rather than chalk paint for this design technique. The contours are clearer and less color runs into the interior of the motif. Before starting the actual project, do a test on a piece of paper.

Cleaning and care:

Clean immediately with lukewarm water and detergent. A toothbrush is suitable for the gaps. Never treat with hot temperatures or put in the dishwasher! You can use a stamp cleaner for permanent ink.

Anyone who has worked with other stamps will immediately notice the high quality material and attention to detail.