Wie funktionieren H2O Wasser Transferfolien! - Lioness Vintage

How do H2O water transfer films work!

Instructions Redesign with Prima Water Transfers
1. Clean the project surface well
2. Moisten the surface with water using a roller, spray bottle and cloth
3. Remove transparent protective film
4. Position colorful printed image side down
5. Dampen surface with transfer with water and wait 3 to 6 minutes (no standing water, not too wet)
6. Carefully spread the transfer with a rake and detach the image (if everything has not come off, fold back and add water again)
7. Carefully remove the backing film and gently dab the image smooth with a dry cloth (avoid bubbles and creases)
8. To protect the image, after drying, it is essential to protect the transfer image with a water-based clear varnish - Dixie Belle Top Coat