Wie funktionieren H2O Wasser Transferfolien!

How do H2O water transfer films work!

Instructions Redesign with Prima Water Transfers
1. Clean the project surface well
2. Moisten the surface with water using a roller, spray bottle and cloth
3. Remove transparent protective film
4. Position colorful printed image side down
5. Dampen surface with transfer with water and wait 3 to 6 minutes (no standing water, not too wet)
6. Carefully spread the transfer with a rake and detach the image (if everything has not come off, fold back and add water again)
7. Carefully remove the backing film and gently dab the image smooth with a dry cloth (avoid bubbles and creases)
8. To protect the image, after drying, it is essential to protect the transfer image with a water-based clear varnish - Dixie Belle Top Coat