I'm Andrea from Munich. Even as a girl, growing up in the GDR, I liked beautiful things. I learned motivated handicrafts, painting, repairing and making crazy things from my parents . That made me happy and I had so much fun. Today I associate these memories with a fulfilling childhood.

Andrea Schlag furniture artist Munich

To my friends at school I sold bracelets made from aquarium hose filled with fabric softener, earrings made from spray cans, dresses made from bed sheets, sewn, dyed and painted. Photographing and painting furniture followed. I leave the true-to-original furniture restoration to professionals. With chalk paints, vintage transfer foils, wood and clay ornaments and other materials, I give disused home accessories a new design and a new home. I like the most pieces of furniture where colors, materials, music and mood inspired me, without any plan.

I love shabby and vintage. At flea markets I hunt for vintage interiors and materials that go well together.

As a German retailer of the creative brands Dixie Belle Paint Company , Iron Orchid Designs , woodubend , posh chalk and Mint by Michelle from the USA, United Kingdom and Australia, I was looking for decorative items that would meet my high standards for a long time. I am convinced that these beautiful, innovative furniture decorations will inspire and leave nothing to be desired. As a licensed retailer, I am pleased to present and offer these unique products to all hobbyists and furniture upcyclers.

These items are not available in retail. Some products will be new to you and require explanation. That's why you'll find everything you need to know about the application explained either in the product categories or under my blog creatively. If you have any other questions, just give me a call.

Have fun painting and designing
Your LIONESS - Andrea