Andrea_Schlag_Möbelmaler_Vintage_Munich I want to turn my upcycled furniture into something very special. For me, a stylish vintage look is like an appointment with the hairdresser or a new make-up. When designing my sweethearts, I attach great importance to handicraft items that were developed directly for furniture design, are beautiful and versatile, and leave no design wishes unfulfilled.

That's exactly why I'm happy to introduce you to these wonderful products from the USA, England and Australia and to be able to offer them in my store. Stick-on decoupage , scratch-offs , silicone molds , large vintage stamps from Iron Orchid Designs, stencils from Posh & Dixie Belle are just a few of the creative items. You can let off steam with them and let your imagination run wild.

You can find great ideas to imitate on Pinterest, youtube and my social media channels. I offer you here is the equipment.

Would you like to learn from a pro? Then you have the opportunity to look over the shoulder of Solly Jo from woodubend and posh chalk on Facebook. Here is the link to their Facebook channel . I'm an absolute fan. You can get all the products she uses in my shop.