Muster und Bilder mit Schablonen übertragen - Lioness Vintage

Transfer patterns and images using stencils

With stencils, you can easily transfer patterns and lettering to interiors, signs, furniture and more. You don't have to be Picasso. It's a lot of fun and the result will inspire you. Stenciling...
Wie funktionieren H2O Wasser Transferfolien! - Lioness Vintage

How do H2O water transfer films work!

Instructions Redesign with Prima Water Transfers 1. Clean the project surface well 2. Moisten the surface with water using a roller, spray bottle and cloth 3. Remove transparent protective film 4....
Entstehung einer Französischen Vintage Kommode - Lioness Vintage

Creation of a French vintage chest of drawers

Here you will learn how to transform an old piece of furniture into a unique piece of furniture with chalk paints, silicone moulds, epoxy resin and furniture transfer films.