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Dixie Belle | White Lightning | Clean furniture cleaner

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Dixie Belle White Lightning Cleaner cleaning powder removes dirt, dust, sanding residue and grease from furniture. It is highly effective and the perfect preparation for painting furniture. Because an absolutely clean surface is necessary for a great painting result. Then the color retention is even better.

* Dissolve 2 heaping tablespoons (tbs) of White Lightning granules in 1 gallon of hot water and stir until dissolved. Please wear gloves while cleaning.

* Put the mixed cleaner on a lint-free cloth or soft sponge and then you're good to go. Clean your furniture until the dirt is removed. Then wash the piece of furniture with clear water to remove all residues of the cleaner. This is very important. Change the water regularly.

* Avoid puddles on the furniture when cleaning and allow it to dry thoroughly before painting or varnishing.

TOP TIP - If you're cleaning a large closet, I recommend mixing up a bowl. Convenient to pour the cleaning solution into a spray bottle. So the annoying cleaning is a little more bearable.

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Andrea K.

Sehr gutes Produkt alles staubige und fertiges ist gut weg gegangen Super einfach sehr empfehlenswert.