Form 3-D figures with clay

With the Iron Orchid Designs molds and air-drying clay you knead figures, ornaments, flourishes, flowers and much more. It's so easy. Depending on the thickness of the clay, allow it to dry thoroughly before painting. I glue them to my furniture with craft glue while they are already wet, let them dry well and then paint them.

In combination with stamps, transfer foil and woodubend you create completely new picture and relief worlds. Video example: Form BIRDSONG with Woodubend, gold pigments and chalk paints. I designed a dresser door there.

What do I need?

Air drying clay/air dry clay or liquid resin (resin), a mold, spatula, craft glue, chalk paints or waxes for decoration.

possible applications

Decorate furniture, flower pots, mirrors, doors, picture frames, trays, scrapbooks, candlesticks, lamps, old aluminum cans and more. The molds are food safe and heat resistant. So ideal for hobby bakers to make cake fondant, bake or pour chocolate. Other hobbyists pour floating candles or soap.

To clean, simply wash with dish soap and rinse in warm water or straight into the dishwasher.

Hacks & Tips The clay can be removed more easily if you sprinkle some baby powder or cornstarch with a brush. Scrape off excess clay. The surface should be smooth. I store the remaining clay in an airtight jam jar in the fridge. So it doesn't dry out and you can use it for a long time.

Decorating an odd surface? Adjust the project while it is still wet and fix it either with adhesive tape or with craft glue. Use chalk paint for decoration, Gilding waxes to emphasize highs and lows:

posh chalk gilding wax , posh metallic pigments , posh chalk aqua patina , Dixie Belle Gemstone mousse , Dixie Belle gilding wax , Dixie Belle Glaze glaze . That looks classy and classy.

Working with liquid resin (resin/epoxy resin): Pour in up to the height of the mould, dry, press out and then sand down the edges with fine sandpaper. Glue and paint.