Upcycling fun vs. throwing away

upcycling_instead of_throw away_furniture_lionessvintage

Sustainability is more relevant than ever. That's why I only use old discarded furniture. Grandma's chest of drawers in the basement is too good to throw away, but you don't want to put it up in your modern apartment either? If you liked handicrafts and painting as a child, now is the time to dig out this talent again. Let me inspire you to design your own dream furniture. It's important to have fun, don't be afraid to do something wrong and be creative. Are you ready? Then visit the creative shop . In it you will discover motif stamps, silicone moulds, transfer images, wooden decorations and even more handicraft accessories. Under Creative Explained you will find videos and descriptions. Don't worry, it's not difficult. Explained with simple words and videos, you too will become an upcycler. Here is the start.

Lioness_vintage_flea market_Munich


They are all hand-designed and chalk-colored painted unique and one-off pieces. The lion's head signature stamp confirms its origin. The pieces come from different eras and each tells its own story. Thus, age-related material fatigue gives things an extraordinary vintage & shabby charm, which is of course wanted. If you expect flawless industrial furniture, you won't find it here. I am very happy about all individualists and DIY friends.