WOODUBEND - customizable wooden elements

People love antiques with ornate decorations. woodUbend's revolutionary English wood appliques are so much fun. You can conjure up a magnificent and unique piece with vintage charm from a boring cupboard, an aluminum can, plant pot, picture frame and much more. The special thing is that they adapt to any shape and project. The wood carving is pressed from plant cellulose and is sustainable and environmentally friendly. There are innumerable shapes, baroque corners, decorative pattern strips and figures such as mermaids, sextants, French lilies and curved flourishes. It's your puzzle. You determine the arrangement.

How is it done?
You need wood glue, a hair dryer or heat gun and a cutter knife. The addition of heat creates a cuttable and formable soft material. Blow dry, apply glue and stick. Connect ornaments. After cooling, they can be sanded and drilled. If something breaks off, simply heat it up and stick it on with wood glue. For surface finishing, I recommend chalk paints, metallic pigment paint, furniture wax or gilding wax. This is how you give the 3-D effect depth.

Important NOTE:
Please store carefully. In their normal state, woodubend moldings are very fragile. Do not store or drop anything on it. Should something break off, however, not so bad. Heat and join together with wood glue.