Patina Paint | Mineral Rust Color



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Dixie Belle | Patina Spray | rust effect activation
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Dixie Belle Patina Guard Rust Sealing Top Coat
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Reusable brush cleaner | Clean as a whistle
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Dixie Belle | White Lightning | Clean furniture cleaner
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Patina Paint | Mineral Rust Color

Dixie belle patina aging rust

Dixie Belle Patina Paint on how to use it

Buy Dixie Belle Patina mineral paint and paint REAL rust and aged patina in bronze, iron or copper color on your DIY project or furniture.

You need Dixie Belle Prime Start when using Patina paints on metal surfaces. It's a protection. The composition of Prime Start prevents further rusting of the patina layer and rust attack on the underlying metal surface. Please apply as the first coat to the metal.

Dixie belle patina aging rust door Choose between Patina Paint Iron, Patina Paint copper or Patina Paint bronze and create three different results!

This is how it's done :

  1. First, paint a layer of Dixie Belle Chalk Paint with the chalk color of your choice. Apply the second coat of patina paint and let it dry well.
  2. Apply the second coat of Patina Paint to the same area and immediately, while the paint is still wet, spray on the Patina Spray . For bronze and copper you can use both green and blue patina sprays. For an iron rust effect only use the green Patina Spray.
  3. Then watch how magically the rust effect begins!
  4. If you implement the rust effect on metal surfaces, please also order the Dixie Belle Prime Start . This interrupts the corrosion process of the REAL rust and is applied as the first layer, before the paint. You do not need it for wooden surfaces, glass or similar.
  5. Please use to seal and protect the rust effects Dixie Belle Patina Guard .

Patina Paint contains real metal and reacts naturally when the Patina Spray is applied. Please store the spray and the paint separately.