All furniture creations are hand-designed and hand-painted one-offs. The typical "LIONESS VINTAGE" signature stamp confirms its origin. The pieces come from different eras and tell their own stories. Age-related material fatigue gives a very special furniture charm and is simply part of it. However, I almost exclusively use solid old wooden furniture that has been processed for a good 50 years. In addition, you always get my furniture in one piece. This saves annoying assembly. If the drawers don't slide quite like those in new standard dressers, who cares? At least not me.

If you enjoy individual beauties, such as vintage cars, designer clothing, custom bikes, handcrafted handbags, pictures, jewelery or perhaps individual furniture that was handcrafted over many hours with lots of love and creativity, then I warmly welcome you to LIONESS VINTAGE. Nice that you're there. Keep checking back, subscribe to the NEWSLETTER and follow me on the social media channels under LIONESS VINTAGE.

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SUPER COOL. Congratulations on this decision. In my shop you will find great craft items, such as those from IRON ORCHID DESIGNS. I burn for all products because they are really unique and beautiful.

You won't find them in retail. Only retailers like LIONESS VINTAGE are allowed to sell the mega vintage stamps and transfer images. Subscribe now to the IRON ORCHID DESIGNS video channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMQDhKNdbTWNZmBALz8i4FQ
The same goes for WoodUbend Moldings - the thermoformable wood appliqués from England
Various craft ideas are presented there. Of course you will also find many DIY torturials under the respective product in my shop. Then
visit the DIY shop with the exciting handicraft items for decorating furniture. By the way, you can also use a lot for baking and other projects. Under the product presentations I also explain why
which craft item can be used.
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