Welcome to the world of chalk paint Chalk paints, Lioness vintage
I work with water-based chalk paints with natural pigments, which make the colors shine more intensely and bring out the shabby chic look perfectly. The finishing is done with natural furniture waxes and various varnishes. All furniture is suitable for indoor use and sensitive.

Properties of Chalkpaint

  • Chalk paints are water based
  • high color intensity and opacity on almost all surfaces
  • low VOC content (volatile organic compounds)
  • matte and silky feel
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use after appropriate color sealing with varnish and wax

How can I enjoy my vintage furniture for a long time?

Wood, upholstery or leather are natural materials that are constantly changing. Increased solar radiation, fluctuating air and room temperatures can lead to material fatigue. You can counteract this right from the start by avoiding extremes. Please always avoid moisture on the furniture surface. So don't forget the glass and cup coasters. You should also make sure that you use felt pads or other surface-protecting materials under decorative elements, vases or metal objects. Otherwise there could be scratches in the paint or permanent water stains. Use a dry, clean cloth to remove dust. Never use harsh cleaning agents and moisture. This can destroy the protective layer of the furniture. I recommend chalk paint furniture every two years with colorless, suitable furniture wax (available in hardware stores, small can about 6 euros and lasts very long), with a cloth or a brush, a thin layer. This refreshes the colors and protects the wood. Then please let it dry for at least a day so that the wax can harden. The effect is comparable to applying body lotion regularly after showering.