The posh metallic paste is a 3-D structure paste that can be used to transfer stencil patterns to a project. The paste can only be inflated with a heat gun. You can also leave them in their original state.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The inflation only works with a heat gun and in connection with a small chamber template. A hair dryer does not offer the high temperatures.

1 4 radiant metallic pastes:

white metallic - white titanium
yellow metallic - y ellow canary cadmium
silver metallic - pearl silver
brown metallic - brown van dyke
red metallic - r ed alizarin
blue metallic- blue fhthalo
bronze-green metallic - green bronze
pink metallic - rose gold
light gold - shiny gold
dark gold - deep gold
dark green metallic - green dark
light gold - light gold
turquoise green metallic - green fhthalo
black metallic - black carbon

Posh Chalk Smooth Metallic Paste is another product from woodUbend. design. The highly pigmented oil-based texture is used in arts and crafts or in the hobby and handicraft sector.

What is the difference to other 3-D texture pastes and how does it work?
As the name suggests, it's a metallic chalk paint for adding structure or texture to your craft project. What does that mean? After the 3-D activation with the heat gun (no hair dryer), it unfolds its full beauty. You can watch how the applied structure puffs up and stands out from the background. This gives a mega relief structure and is reminiscent of textured wallpaper. However, please heat carefully and not for too long, otherwise it may burn.

Applying the 3-D paste?
Since the paste has a creamy consistency, use the Dixie Belle Silicone Applicator Tool or a narrow craft knife.