I love the mix of modern and shabby chic home furnishings.
Exciting when a wide variety of styles and furniture epochs complement each other perfectly. Of course I would like to have modern furnishings, but should I quickly shop for all the furniture in a furniture store, the main thing is that it is functional and cheap?
I'm far from that.

My life is colourful, lively and varied. That's how I want to feel in my own four walls.

The living room is illuminated by a twelve-armed crystal chandelier that I bought at the flea market, a white leather sofa landscape, self-designed chests of drawers, a painted dining table refined with vintage designer chairs, a strikingly colorful patchwork carpet and beautiful glass pictures by KARE describe my living room.

Style icon pictures by Marylin Monroe find their place just as much as a pink Cadillac refrigerator, Harley Davidson stuff, vintage vases, bed linen, a golden baroque mirror, etc. As an IKEA fan, I have a number of decorative accessories that can be optimally mixed with modern vintage. As you can see, a gold mirror hangs in my hallway, opposite a huge picture of old Manhattan. Below is a Lioness vintage console.

Discover Modern Vintage and enjoy YOUR OWN DESIGN FURNITURE from Lioness Vintage every day. Because you are special and deserve the premier class - lion style in vintage shabby chic.