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Blue Agave | blue-green | Terra Clay | Dixie Belle tone color

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Do you know the blue agaves that grow in the desert? This beautiful blue - green was named after her. And this is what the original looks like.


Terra Clay Paint is great for textures or when you want to work with multiple layers of paint. It's a real artist paint. The furniture paint has a matt surface and should be sealed with Terra Sealing Wax (oil-based). However, it also works with Dixie Belle's top coats. Please do not use the Best Dang wax. It is water based so the painting result would reactivate.

Application: Actually there are no rules, except that the clay color must be sealed! This clay-based paint can be reactivated at any time prior to sealing. You can paint with it and after 2 months simply reactivate the color with water. So you must seal to protect your prank project.

* Can be applied wonderfully with one of our natural bristle brushes.

* Seal with either Terra Seal - clear coat for a waterproof finish, the Dixie Belle top coats in matt, satin or gloss or the Terra Wax. This provides a rock hard finish that preserves all painting detail.

* Use the polishing pad to remove excess wax approximately 2 hours after waxing.
* Terra Clay has low VOC content and is environmentally friendly.