Dixie Belle Mineral Paint | Cotton - Leinenweiß - Lioness Vintage
Dixie Belle Mineral Paint | Cotton - Leinenweiß - Lioness Vintage
Dixie Belle Mineral Paint | Cotton - Leinenweiß - Lioness Vintage

Dixie Belle Mineral Paint | Cotton - linen white

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69 beautiful shades - Dixie Belle Chalk Mineralpaint is the coolest American water-based furniture chalk paint. Odorless, highly opaque and due to the high color pigment density, so productive. You need little color. 2 layers of paint are sufficient for a covering coat. Dixie Belle furniture paint is VOC free | volatile organic solvents. You can even paint with her in the apartment. The drying times are short. And if you're in the middle of a painting project but need to stop, just spray with water the next day and it's the same paint state as before.

All colors can be mixed with each other and can be diluted with water. The color consistency can be compared to thick yoghurt. All Dixie Belle products are coordinated, so this color system is well suited for beginners. Even if the furniture has been sealed, you can paint over the look without sanding it down.

Sizes | range and areas of application
Wood, furniture, walls, glass, fabric, leather, plastic, ceramics, cardboard, metal, mirrors, etc. Depending on the substrate, the surface should be prepared accordingly. You can paint with a brush or with a roller. The color is water soluble. Then wash off with brush soap and warm water.

Sizes and range (once deleted)
Mini - 118ml - 4oz - Covers approximately 1.75m²
Small - 237ml - 8oz - Covers approximately 3.8m²
Medium - 473ml - 16oz - Covers approximately 7.5m²
Large - 946 ml - 32 oz - coverage approx. 15 m²

Some types of wood such as oak, cherry, teak, mahogany, red cedar and others contain certain dyes. These substances are activated by painting them with water-based paint. Tannic acid then leads
unsightly yellowish discolouration of the painted surfaces. These are still visible after several coats of paint. This is not a problem when painting with dark colors, but it is with light tones. So try a small invisible area and wait a bit. If your furniture is a "bleeder", then close the wood pores and prime it with a layer of blocking primer | Dixie Belle Boss . Let it dry well and then paint it with chalk paint. When painting light colors, this pre-coating is always a "must". Boss is available in white, light gray and transparent.

Rule of thumb is Clean | to dust | degrease with Dixie Belle White Lightning - for smooth surfaces without an adhesive surface, such as glass, plastic, porcelain, i.e. all surfaces to which the paint cannot adhere well, use an adhesion primer | Dixie Belle Slick Stick , coat once. Then paint 2 layers of chalk paint and let it dry for at least 6 to 12 hours. One to fix the water-based paint
Sealing clear coat | Dixie Belle Top Coat or Sealing Wax | Dixie Belle Best Dang Wax ,