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This brush has buttery soft natural bristles. The classic shape and style just got better! The premium chipbrush has the same shape as the classic chipbrush, but the quality is second to none. Hardly any bristles fall out with this special brush.

TOP TIP - Using our spray bottle with a continuous, fine spray also improves the result of your painting project. It helps you blend different colors beautifully.

brush cleaning
To keep the brushes in top condition and last longer, I recommend:
Dixie Belle's 'Clean As A Whistle' brush cleaner . Rinse with lukewarm water and a brush soap beforehand. Then hang your head up to dry. Please refer to the article for information on how to use the brush cleaner.

If your new brush loses a few hairs or bristles at the beginning, this is quite normal and not a quality defect. Simply comb out the loose, dry bristles. Then you can start painting and a good brush will not lose any more hair.