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Dixie Belle Silk | Yellowstone | Senfgelb

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Dixie Belle Silk All In One Mineral Paint Yellowstone

Yellowstone ist ein üppiger, senfgelber Kreidefarben Farbton. Erlebe die warme und einladende Stimmung des Yellowstone-Nationalparks mit Dixie Belle Silk All In One Mineral Paint in Senfgelb. Inspiriert von den leuchtenden Farben des Parks, fängt dieser satte und luxuriöse Farbton die natürliche Pracht ein und verleiht Deinem Zuhause, Möbeln oder kreativen Projekten einen Hauch von atemberaubender Landschaft. Kreiere eine gemütliche und einladende Atmosphäre mit Yellowstone Möbelfarbe.

Eingebauter Decklack, Grundierung und Fleckenblocker. Hervorragende Haltbarkeit und UV-Schutz. Wasser-, schimmel- und fettbeständig.

The Silk All-In-One paint offers primer, stain protection, color components and sealing varnish in one. This mineral color is super smooth, easy to apply and gives a stunning silky eggshell finish. Suitable for inside and outside. The colors can be mixed with each other and diluted with water. It is also low in odor and resistant to mould, grease, water and scratches.

Their excellent durability makes them the ultimate choice for painting bathroom furniture, kitchen cabinets and interiors. You can paint in the apartment, either with a brush or a roller. I always use them to paint furniture interiors. This saves costs and time.

For wood, tile, stone, ceramic, glass, plastic, brick, fabric, vinyl and laminate, PVC.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Coverage: 237 ml - 16 oz = 60 to 80 m², 2 coats recommended

  • very high yield and range saves time and money
  • no pungent paint fumes. Suitable for painting indoors and outdoors
  • Colors can be mixed with each other and can be diluted with water
  • contain a primer to prevent resin stains and stain blockers
  • no more sealing with clear varnish or wax necessary
  • easy to spread due to its creaminess, highly pigmented and very good coverage
  • high durability and protection against mould, water or grease
  • good durability for transfer foils - but protect them with a top coat
  • smooth, silky color surface - still vintage, but not powdery

Clean workpiece with Pristine Clean or white lightning to remove dust, grease and dirt. In order to be able to hold on well and to ensure long-term durability, each color needs a surface that is not too smooth. So if you want to paint very smooth PVC surfaces, mirrors, glass, tiles, etc., I recommend applying a layer of Dixie Belle Slick Stick as a primer. In the case of surfaces that have already been treated with paint, please sand down a little.

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