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Redesign with Prima

ReDesign Decoupage Tissue - Timeworks | Steampunk

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Steampunk Motif Timeworks with Clocks and Gears in Sepia - Decoupage Tissue Paper, Redesign with Prima, 19.5" X 30", Package contains one sheet measuring 49.5cm x 76.2cm

From the fabulous Decor Tissue Paper Collection, this vintage craft and furniture wrapping image is the perfect size. The paper is tear-resistant and makes processing easy. The extra wide decorative paper motif made of thin fiber structure can be stuck on without folding or tearing.

How do I stick my decoupage picture on my furniture?:
* Measure and cut the right size.

* Apply a layer of Dixie Belle clear coat sealer / top coat (of your choice) or decoupage glue to the surface of the furniture. Place the paper in position and smooth out from the center. Don't allow air bubbles to form. This reduces durability. Then apply another layer of top coat to the glued surface.

* Let the whole thing dry well. Then you paint the last layer of paint as a seal. The varnish penetrates the fibers of the tissue paper and guarantees a beautiful, durable surface seal for your furniture project.