IOD Decor Stempel Cubano field Tile, großer Wand-, Boden-, Fliesenstempel - Lioness Vintage

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IOD Decor Stamp Cubano field Tile, large wall, floor, tile stamp

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Package size: 12" high and wide x 1/8" deep

This beautiful tile, floor and wall stamp brings a whole new breeze into the kitchen, living room and bathroom. The stamps are flexibly adaptable, true to detail, deeply worked and large. The result is incredibly beautiful. Just look. ink and ink pad you can find here.

In a tutorial, Lioness shows you how to stamp with ink. Let's do it together.

The pistils do not tolerate heat. Soak in a bowl of dish soap and lukewarm water immediately after use, then gently clean with a sponge after 30 minutes. Do not put in the dishwasher. otherwise destroyed you destroy them. With proper care, you will have something of it for a long time.