Casting resin - epoxy resin - resin ready in 9 minutes, 1:1 mixture

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All three terms describe the same thing. The epoxy resin is suitable for casting beautiful 3D ornaments, figures, moldings and not for sealing surfaces. Here you will find suitable silicone molds . After final hardening, the casting resin can also be drilled, sanded or painted without any problems.

The casting resin impresses with very good flow properties, a very high strength and impact resistance after curing. In addition, it is almost odorless. You can also color it with suitable dye.

Application: There is a bottle A / resin and a bottle B / hardener. Take a plastic cup and a digital kitchen scale. Pour each quantity of the two liquids into a separate cup. The mixing ratio is 1:1, i.e. the same amount of both. Then mix both components together and stir well. Then a chemical process begins. Now pour the epoxy resin into the Redesign silicone mold and wait. It is best to distribute the resin in all corners with a small wooden toothpick. No more shaking, touching or anything else. Then you will see how the clear epoxy resin turns whitish.

So it is NOT clear - transparent - see-through like the resins used to pot flowers or seal table tops. (Picture 2 with table), but as in the 1st picture it becomes whitish. I don't color it because I'll paint them with chalk paint or Posh Chalk gold pigments later anyway. Another tip: Please don't wait until they have completely hardened, because then they are really hard and hardly bendable or flexible. I take them to my furniture immediately after removing them from the mould.

A different epoxy resin is used to seal surfaces, which is clear and must cure for at least 24 hours. Please read through everything before you buy and be sure to follow the instructions. Gloves, mouth and eye protection, and an open space are essential. Please protect from children. Warnings and ingredients can be seen in the image below.


  • Polyurethane casting resin ✓ Liquid synthetic resin for the production of casting resin bodies with a Shore D hardness of 75. The processing time is 9 minutes at 25 °C.
  • Contents ✓ High-quality, low-odour 2-component casting resin in a mixing ratio of 1:1 of the base (resin) and the catalyst (hardener).
  • Properties ✓ Very high level of detail, flowability, strength and fracture toughness after final curing. Problem-free further processing possible thanks to the closed surface.
  • Field of application ✓ Potting and production of universal molds and models of all kinds. Due to its impact strength, the hardened casting compound can be easily drilled or ground.
  • Supplied in a practical squeeze bottle with dosing cap. High-quality ingredients for models that are true to the original - Quality Made in Germany.