Zierleiste WUBTR0037, schmales Trimming 2,10 m lang x 1,2 cm breit - Lioness Vintage - Möbelmanufaktur


Wood finish trim, WUBTR0037

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Size: very narrow 2.10 m long x 1.2 cm wide, trim

The flexibly adaptable wooden applications woodubend moldings and trimmings give your furniture and handicraft project a decorative vintage look. The trimmings are decorative strips/ pattern edges with which you can either decorate or connect ornaments.

Important product notice: The ornaments from woodubend are absolutely environmentally friendly, are pressed from a cellulose product and are very delicate and fragile when cold. Therefore, please make sure not to store anything on them or drop them. Sometimes, no matter how well it's packed, a piece breaks off during shipping. As previously explained, simply heat and reassemble with wood glue.